Madelyn's Birth

  • "It's like a storm - that cuts a path -
  • it breaks your will - it feels like that
  • you think you're lost - but you're not lost
  • out on your own---you're not alone."

Every birth seems to have a theme song. This one was definitely "I won't let go" by Rascal Flatts. In particular a cover sang by two Norwegian sisters. So if you are wanting to get into my head and heart behind this post--listen to this while you read and take in Madelyn's birth story.

Sweet baby Madelyn's birth was a journey of perseverance. Kimberly, her mama is a doula and after having her first child by cesarean, wanted to have a vbac with her second. As the days got closer to the due date I got frequent texts from Kimberly about being in prodomal (early) labor. These texts continued and we ended up at baptist for a warm-up round a few days before the delivery. At this point Kimberly hadn't had good rest in I don't know how many days, and had been up with early labor pains for several nights. Through all of this, she kept smiling and maintained a truly serene presence while persevering. Labor truly is that--labor. And this one was not quick--or easy. Thankfully she had an amazing support team through her husband Dan and amazing doula, Mekelle. Labor it was, yet not in vain as long hours later this sweet mother reached down to help birth her darling daughter in a successful vbac. Tears came as I was capturing those first few moments. With her hands still wearing the red stains of birth, Kimberly clung to the precious fruit of her labor.

This, is birth.

Triumphant, hope-filled.

A sweet picture of redemption. And I couldn't have been more proud of her.

Congratulations, mama. You deserve it.  <3