Sarah + Alex || Wedding at Brookside Farm

"As a bridegroom rejoices over his bride,
    so will your God rejoice over you."

        Sarah and Alex's wedding at Brookside Farm was absolutely dear to my heart from the first moment to the last. I knew this was going to be the case from the initial email inquiry I received from Sarah. Every detail of the day was perfect and displayed not only the love that Sarah and Alex share, but their mutual love for Christ. With twenty-four wedding attendants, the day is sure to be fun, and everyone was super happy to be there, even on a hot summer day! 
        Some weddings I enter as a stranger and exit as a friend. These are always my favorite, and this one was no exception.

Sarah and Alex, thank you so much for trusting me with documenting your wedding day. It was such an honor and I loved getting to know you both and your families! God's blessings upon you both as you begin you new adventures together! Felicitari! 

Sophie + Jason | Bohemian Wedding - Ft Worth Botanical Gardens

"It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.”
                                                         -Vincent Van Gogh

Sophie and I have been friends since we were born, and ever since we were planning our future weddings while watching Star Wars, in between our misadventures where I usually got us both into trouble, I knew that her wedding was going to be something special (Fun fact: Sophie has always threatened to be a bridezilla, but just as I expected, she wasn't deserving of the title in the least). And it certainly was. Sophie and Jason's day was absolutely lovely, complimenting their personalities perfectly. Sophie is a textile artist, and she wove the beautiful backdrop for the ceremony (Follow her on instagram to see more of her beautiful work!), after seeing it in person I decided that I need a piece of art like that in my life. It is absolutely exquisite! And speaking of exquisite, let's just talk about her gown for a moment, shall we? Her custom Game of Thrones inspired gown was probably the most unique wedding gown I have ever photographed. Their day was full of sweet details that were meaningful to their relationship. They both wrote their own vows, and Jason's vows were absolutely tear-jerking. I loved watching Jason interact with Sophie throughout the day. It was evident to everyone just how much he cares for her. 
 A lot of photographers prefer not to photograph weddings of those closest to them, but I must say that this sort is always my favorite. Every time. Without fail, these weddings are dear to my heart, their images resonating in ways that never fail to catch me off guard. And for that reason, remind me to start packing tissues in my lens bag. 
Sophie and Jason, thank you both so much for allowing me to take part in your day, and thank you for being SO patient to finally see these! I hope you love them as much as I do, and I hope that they will be a reminder to you throughout a lifetime of good and not so good days of the sweet beginning you shared. May God bless you both as you begin this next big adventure! 

Meggan + Iosif | New Jersey Wedding

"As I slipped into my wedding gown and readied myself to walk the aisle, I let my eyes wander out the window of the Victorian sitting room where I'd been getting ready. I'd noticed him then, walking across the street, nervous joy filling his face. He didn't know I saw him, but it was this moment that filled my heart with utmost gratefulness. To be his wife would be my greatest honor and covenanting my life to him before God, our family and friends, both here and abroad, would be my deepest joy. My heart was at peace as I slipped my arm into my father's hold and walked the dew laden grass to meet my groom. To become one with this man, my dear husband, is now my lifelong joy."

The history that precedes Meggan and Iosif's wedding day is not only beautiful, it is dear to my heart, as it rings closely to my own. Meggan and Iosif met in the hills of Northern Romania. She, a missionary caring for orphans and young mothers, and he, a pastoral student at the Romanian Baptist University. All of the right boxes were checked for an obviously perfect love story except one. Iosif didn't speak english. Needless to say, that didn't stop him from being captivated by Meggan's authentic beauty and infectious laughter. And it didn't stop Meggan's heart from skipping a beat when his eyes met hers either. Fast forward a few months, and they were inseperable, communicating better than could be imagined through Iosif's budding english skills and Meg's knowledge of the Romanian language. Although their wedding took place near Meg's home in Bordentown, NJ, their love is ultimately rooted in ministry to the Romanian people. Their day embodied the simple, classic beauty that Meggan exhibits daily. Meggan is an artist, the type of person that sees and grabs hold of beauty around her, simply yet purposefully. Her day was nothing short of this. It was not only a joyful celebration, but a celebration highlighting and cherishing simple joys, found in life, and in the details. 

Meg si Iosif, nu am cuvintele suficient pentru iubere tale. Multumesc, a fost onorarea mea sa fii cu voi pe ziua voastri special! Eu, si familia mea vrea tot binecuvatarele pentru familia voastra! Suntem bucurosi ca sunteti prietenii noastri. (Am scris asta fara ajutor de la Elvis, si woooow, tre sa fac mai mult practica! Tre sa venim la Romania, nu?) Va Iubim, si Dumnezeu sa va binecuvinteze casa voastri, si familia noa voastri!

Venue | Private family estate - Bordentown, NJ
Floral | Jenna Rayesky Floral Studio
Gowns | BHLDN
Groom's Suit | JOS A. Bank
Food | Rosa's Catering
Cake | Nino's Pastry Shop
Hair | BloOut Lounge
Makeup | Brianna Amantia
Wooden Doors/Table | Matt Thomas


Nikki + Steve | Royce City, Texas Wedding Photographer

On April 8, 2017 I had driven to Dallas to photograph a wedding that I knew would be dear to my heart. I have known Nikki probably since I was in 7th or 8th grade. She has always been a joy to call my friend. In fact, it was Nikki who really influenced my love of portrait photography when I grabbed her camera to take a photo of her at a homeschool banquet. (See that photo HERE in my story!) That image I took of her is largely what propelled me into a decade long love of portraiture. For that, I owe her a great many thanks indeed. So, when she contacted me to photograph her wedding, I was absolutely on board. Nikki is a sign language interpreter for Dallas Community Colleges, and just another fun fact, she doesn't care for shoe wearing and lives life practically shoe-less. So when I asked her what kind of shoes she was planning on wearing, she laughed and said, "You know I'm not going to be wearing shoes at my wedding!" And she didn't. Nikki honored her grandmother by wearing her original wedding gown, and it was absolutely stunning! Steve and Nikki also constructed an AMAZING book arch, which I may very well steal from them at some point. Their day was lovely, full of genuine smiles, people, and love. It was a day full of people who cared for them both, the perfect beginning.
Nikki and Steve, it was such a blessing for me to be with you on your happy day. And it was just that, a happy day. I don't know when I have seen such unabashed joy between a bride and groom together. It was positively contagious. God bless you both on your new adventure!