Kevin + Ang | Hot Springs Wedding Proposal

I received Kevin's initial inquiry about photographing his proposal while I was still in Romania this summer. I was intrigued from the beginning, and the more that I heard about their story, the more excited I was to meet them in person and watch the sweet event unfold! Funny story, I am from the same suburb of Dallas that they are! They both love the outdoors so Kevin opted to propose at the Mountain Tower overlook area--on a beautiful August afternoon that was surprisingly not blazing hot! Kevin had mailed me a rustic piece of reclaimed wood that was special to the two of them and had prepped it with a message to Ang. My job was to plant it on the overlook rock and then camp out and wait for them. Everything went without a hitch, and this is where they not having met me came in handy! Talk about being incognito in broad daylight! Ang and most of her family were there with Kevin. They walked up to the area and he led her down the rock. The rest is history! She was absolutely shocked that he would propose somewhere in a state other than Texas, and the ring was an obvious success! A gorgeous Mia Donna eco diamond in a vintage gold setting. Aaaand check out their wedding hashtag! #willyouberryme Can they be any cuter? <3

Congratulations, Ang and Kevin! It was an absolute honor to capture these moments for you both! I know your wedding is going to be amazing! God's blessings on your new life together!