Ashlyn | Conway, Arkansas Portrait Photographer

When Ashlyn called me a few months ago and explained that her family had a tradition for their daughters to have a portrait session for their 13th birthday (HOW PRECIOUS IS THAT—can I just steal that idea please?) and that she wanted to do her photos in her neighborhood, I knew this was the start of a perfect session. And to top it off I got to her home and she had books she wanted to include—not books that are simply pretty and cute, but books she actually loves.

Ashlyn is genuinely kind, beautiful, loves new places, has a love of classic literature, and spends as much time in treetops as possible. Pretty much, if I had known her when I was 13 we would have been best friends just over the tree climbing factor. I absolutely love meeting strong young women like Ashlyn, and I love even more the opportunities I have to capture their personality, grace, and beauty.  

Meeting Ashlyn and her family was more than just another photo session. I left their home encouraged that kindred spirits truly are all around—and quite possibly perched in your neighborhood’s Magnolia tree.   

Ashlyn, I hope you enjoy these photos for many years to come. It was an absolute joy for me to serve you and your family!  <3