I Found Love in The Natural State | 2017 GIVEAWAY

2017 is a milestone year for me. 10 years will have passed since I packed my bags and moved to Conway, Arkansas to go to a small liberal arts college. 10 Years have passed since I first began falling in love with the Natural State, and when I met and began to love the man who would become my husband. Like so many people in this state, I was grafted in, falling hard and fast for The Natural State in all its grass roots glory. For me, it was the community. I couldn't believe that everyone here knew EVERYONE. You went to church with your dentist, had professors take your class to breakfast, and couldn't make it in and out of Wal-mart without seeing five people you knew. Coming from the Dallas metro area this was totally new for me, and it quickly became the thing that most endeared me to the Natural State.

Fast forward ten years and that cute Romanian boy became my cute Romanian husband, three precious babies were given to us, and we have been living with our hearts and lives between this Natural State and Eastern Europe for several years. This has been amazing because it has given me the opportunity to photograph weddings all over the United States and in places like Germany, Romania, and Puerto Rico! This year is no exception as I have weddings and events in the Twin Cities, Chicago, NY area, Dallas, Midwest, and Romania. However, I realized this week when talking to a friend that I have more out-of-state and international events this year than I have in my own community, and my own community is where it's at you guys! This grass roots, down-home, say-hello-to-your-neighbor community is what captured my heart ten years ago and it's about time for me to put out some real roots here. So I know I may have a pilgrim tendencies, but guys, the Natural State is finally home for me and I'm ready to have heart to hearts with brides right here. I'm ready to support and champion brides who have, like me, found love in The Natural State.

So what does that mean? Just a few things.

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  1.  I am offering my most popular wedding collection at HALF PRICE to one special couple, right here in the Natural State. All you have to do to apply is tell me your story. Yes, just write it out and send it! If you found love in the Natural State I want to hear about it! I will choose one couple but it doesn't stop there. I'm offering discounts to up to four runners up that will be %15 off ANY Arkansas wedding collection. These will be given out in order of bookings taken! Do you know someone who deserves to have quality wedding photography but is on a budget? Pass the word!  
  2.  I am beginning a referral program where if you refer a new Natural State bride to me who then books their wedding in Arkansas, you my friend, get a $100 Amazon gift card. Easy peasy! Just tell them to mention your name during the booking process!
  3.   I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY for a $25 Amazon giftcard just for sharing this blog post on facebook and Instagram with your friends! Share this post on instagram AND facebook to have TWO entries, tag friends in the comments for one extra entry, and then come back here and comment on THIS blog post telling me where you shared! 

Thank you ALL for making this ten year-iversary in the Natural State the best one yet. 

Much love you guys,