Central Christian Church Dallas Texas

Lacey + Blayne | Dallas, TX Wedding Photographer

I have literally known Blayne and his twin, Paul, for my entire life. They were born 20 days before me (something they never let me forget) and we grew up in the same church nursery, Sunday school, and youth group. Lacey began coming to our church's AWANA club in elementary grades and was a member of the youth group all throughout high school. Somewhere in there Blayne asked Lacey on her first date--which was awkward according to Paul's exclusive commentary given in his best man's speech. As it turned out that seed blossomed into full blown love, years later. Lacey and Blayne are absolutely perfect for each other, one of those couples where it seems absolutely fitting that they be together. And they began as childhood friends--which makes their relationship all the sweeter! I just love them both! They were married March 7, 2015 at Central Christian Church in Dallas, TX--which happens to be one of the oldest church buildings in Dallas! It was such an awesome building with tons of character and detail, which complimented their classic theme perfectly. Lacey and Blayne thank you so much for allowing me the honor of capturing your wedding day! It was exquisite and lovely in every way! 

Special thanks to my amazing friend Allix Ruby, who shot alongside me that day and provided a lot of awesome video footage and some great still shots featured in this post!