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Kristen + Cesar | Caruthersville, MO Wedding Photographer

"Nine hundred thirty-nine days since I stumbled upon a friendship
drenched in grace and founded on a heart's safe-keeping.
And I stood before you on this day, all of the memories lodged in my throat
and all of the moments playing before my very eyes and
I called you mine and you called me yours.
And it was all as it should be.
Cesar Isaac Mojica Romero, it's the sweetest and purest honor
to be deemed Mrs. Mojica.
I will love you for the rest of my days."

It's not every day that I get to capture the wedding of a bride whose art form is words, and whose gift is poetry. And it's not every day that she is my best friend, either. Some weddings are difficult for me to capture, being so emotionally tied to those standing up together that my heart finds it hard to balance the demand of a wedding day, and my eyes are misty while focusing and re-focusing on the beautiful moments that play out before me. This wedding was one of those. My best friend found and married the one that her soul loves, and it truly was a thing of beauty to behold. 

Kristen and Cesar, I love you both dearly. It was an absolute honor and joy to be the one witnessing and archiving your union. Creating the visual remembrance that will forever remind you of why you began this journey. It is my hope that on the hard days, the impossible days, the heartbroken days, you are able to look back on these images and be filled with His peace and assurance that He truly began a good thing, and He who began such a good thing will continue to carry it through to completion. He truly has both of You in the palm of His hand, and the blessing on you is radiant to those around you. Thank you both for this example, I pray that this light only grows stronger as the years pass.