Puerto Rico Wedding Photographer

Ervin + Rocio // Puerto Rico Wedding Photographer

I first met Rocio four years ago on my first trip to Puerto Rico. After meeting her I remembered her fondly as the loudest person I have ever met! Her personality is huge in comparison to her petite frame! This girl can laugh, and has the most infectious smile! So when I heard she was going to be married I was so honored to asked to take part in it! Ervin is the perfect match for her. His serene and calculated presence meshes seamlessly with Rocio's energy. I just love being around them both! 

I was able to photograph Rocio and Ervin's mountain top wedding in Ponce, Puerto Rico. This was my first tropical destination and they were just perfect hosts to us while we were there! I loved the wedding, the people, and the joy and laughter that surrounded their day. 

Rocio and Ervin, thank you so much for choosing me to be part of your wedding celebration. Every detail was lovely and such a joy to capture. I wish you both an equally lovely and joy-filled marriage together! Blessings! 

Jauhien + Tasha // Culebra, Puerto Rico

Once upon a time I was on a mini vacation with my dear husband on our favorite tropical island. We had just finished shooting a gorgeous wedding in Ponce, on the mainland. I was thinking how awesome it would be to do a portrait session (we actually tried doing one of ourselves with much difficulty) And then I randomly saw a couple walk past holding a canon with a prime lens attached. A crazy idea flew into my head to run up and ask them if they wanted to do a session swap--but they had already past and I thought it would be really creepy to follow them and hunt them down. But I decided to watch for them to pass again and ask. Sure enough they walked back by. And me being the crazy that I am ran up, introduced myself, and asked them. They said, sure! And to top it off--they were both originally from Eastern Europe. Small world, for sure! We exchanged numbers and websites and planned to meet up that day. As soon as I saw Jauhien's first photo on his website I knew I was going to love his work. I wasn't wrong! See a few of our photos on his website, here. He also does film which is amazing. So all that to say, despite some pretty ominous clouds and downpours, we had an amazing session riding around on a golf cart. Full of laughs, stories, and ending with awesome tacos. What could be better than that? 

Jauhien and Tasha, it was such a blessing to meet you both. Thanks for a wonderful experience and being the kind of people that I absolutely love! I wish you all the best in travels and in life!