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Rachel + Erik | Arkansas Wedding Photographer

   "Home is behind, the world ahead."

I first heard about Rachel and Erik's story from my brother-in-law, who had told them about my work. He lives in the same region that they do which happens to be completely across the world from me. And it also just happened that Rachel and Erik were planning their wedding merely three hours from my home. Truly it IS a small world after all, providentially so in this case. I was so honored to be asked to capture their wedding which was full of elements from their home in the Middle East, and still full of Southern comfort and charm. Rachel and Erik's wedding day was full of the best sort of feelings, and those were all anchored in their love for each other and their love for Christ.

One of the sweetest moments of the day was during the group photos. It was absolutely sweltering and we didn't have any water with us. There was a point when Rachel was feeling lightheaded and needed to sit down. Her groom assessed this, called off any further picture taking and carried her away to a bench where he stayed by her side as she rested and was brought some water. This tiny moment is just a glimpse of the care that I see Erik has for Rachel, and it was evident that this moment was just the beginning of him caring for her for the rest of their lives together.

Rachel and Erik, it was such a joy to be with you and your families on the day that you joined together as man and wife, I pray that all the days ahead are like the first one that you shared. Joy-filled, and full of adventure. Gandolf was right, it truly is a dangerous thing to walk out your door, but I am pretty sure you are glad you did. God bless you both!