Arkansas Wedding Photographer

Kellie + Craig | Hot Springs Arkansas Proposal Photographer

On March 17, 2017 I had the honor of photographing the most stunning proposal I have ever witnessed. There were thousands of flowers, dozens of candles, and live music playing on a lake terrace for this perfect moment!  Kellie was absolutely surprised! Her fiancee, Craig, lives in Boston and she thought was simply coming home from a day of fun with her sweet kids. Little did she know what was waiting for her! Great job to all the fantastic vendors who came together in just a few days to pull this off! 
Kellie and Craig, congratulations to all four of you! I hope this beautiful beginning is just that, a beautiful beginning to lifelong adventures together! 

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Whitney + Daniel - Southern, Wintry Wedding - Conway, Arkansas Wedding Photographer

“They laughed as only they could.
Blissfully unchecked, two happy souls at peace and in love. 
That magic that is togetherness. 
They wore it well."

Every wedding and every couple brings to mind a certain memory. Whitney and Daniel have been laughter from day one. Not just any laughter, but laughter like I have never seen in front of a camera. Two people at absolute ease with each other and the world. It did my heart good to witness it, and I hope it does yours good as well.  

Whitney and Daniel, there are so many more words that I could write. You both are so dear to my heart and it was an absolute honor to archive your happiness and the beginning of your married life. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Don't ever stop laughing together. It truly is magic.  

**Special thanks to YoYo Cho for helping photograph at the last second and capturing the perfect "Kiss" photo during the ceremony! **

Ang + Kevin | Dallas Engagement Photographer

You may recognize Ang and Kevin from a blog post in August where I posted the story of their proposal which I was SUPER honored to photograph in Hot Springs! I'm looking forward to their Spring Texas wedding, but until then here's a few of my favorites from their winter engagement session! I LOVE that they brought in their super precious pup Hidey--bless her heart, she finally got over her apprehension of me as the "weird human with the camera" (who spoke to her in a baby voice no less--no wonder she thinks I am cray-cray!), and she was the perfect puppy model to be alongside Ang and Kevin. I absolutely love their style, down to their matching Clarks--it's perfectly unassuming and organic--just like their relationship. This foresty park in the DFW metroplex is a favorite of theirs and it was the perfect backdrop for their session! So without any further ado, here are my favorites! Caaaaan't wait until March! 

Whitney | Arkansas Bridal Portrait Photographer - Petit Jean Mountain

Winter weather in Arkansas is pretty unpredictable. Actually, weather in Arkansas is unpredictable year-round. So when Whitney approached me about doing her bridal portraits in December I knew we had at least a 50/50 chance for beautiful weather. As it got closer to the date for bridal portraits we had crazy rain, cold weather, and 70 degree days, so I had no idea what to expect but the day of her bridal portraits was absolutely, perfectly gorgeous. And of course, the day was no match for Whitney in her exquisitely retro, lace gown. And this was my first bride ever to have a one shoulder gown--I'm in love with them now! We drove up to her hometown of  Morrilton and traipsed around her parent's land and Petit Jean Mountain to capture these lovely bridal portraits. Her wedding bouquet was going to be mostly evergreen so I took the liberty of throwing a bouquet together from what I could find growing outside! Sidenote to say, I have often thought that if I didn't capture photos of weddings I would definitely want to be a floral designer! I heart Whitney is a classic southern beauty through and through and I absolutely adore her and her family! Her classic winter wedding was Saturday, so be looking for that coming soon, but in the meantime enjoy Whitney's wintry, southern bridal portraits! 

Whitney + Daniel Petit Jean Engagement Session | Arkansas Engagement Photographer

I have had the privilege to know Whitney for about 3 years now, and I am so honored to be able to share her joy as she becomes Mrs. Hamilton! I actually met Daniel as a fellow vendor at our mutual friend Allix's wedding, so it's pretty much a small world! Whitney is from Morrilton so it was only fitting that we go to Petit Jean State Park for their engagement session, AND we even went to the spot where Daniel proposed. I couldn't be happier for these two--except for the fact that she is moving to Missouri--but even with that, Daniel is so perfect for her that everyone knows it is just the absolute best thing. I can't wait for their wintry wedding, this January! Here are just a handful of my favorites from their session!