Garland Texas Engagement Session

Ang + Kevin | Dallas Engagement Photographer

You may recognize Ang and Kevin from a blog post in August where I posted the story of their proposal which I was SUPER honored to photograph in Hot Springs! I'm looking forward to their Spring Texas wedding, but until then here's a few of my favorites from their winter engagement session! I LOVE that they brought in their super precious pup Hidey--bless her heart, she finally got over her apprehension of me as the "weird human with the camera" (who spoke to her in a baby voice no less--no wonder she thinks I am cray-cray!), and she was the perfect puppy model to be alongside Ang and Kevin. I absolutely love their style, down to their matching Clarks--it's perfectly unassuming and organic--just like their relationship. This foresty park in the DFW metroplex is a favorite of theirs and it was the perfect backdrop for their session! So without any further ado, here are my favorites! Caaaaan't wait until March!